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Hand painted Murals


Ẹ̀fọ́ kì í lé ẹ̀fọ́ láwo

(translation) Different vegetables cooked together do not kick out one another from the cooking pot. They will blend together with their different flavours.


This piece is inspired by the idea of community, it speaks of how our differences are beautiful, we don't need to look the same to be a community who support and grow together. In unison we can achieve great things and our environment can become a brighter, beautiful and more interesting place.

Black History month Mural 

Unity, the many faces of blackness, representing diversity within blackness these are just a few examples of what it can look like to be black. To  celebrate black history month I wanted to highlight how’re black community are not a. Monolith we are unique and beautiful in all our variations this piece is also a peaceful celebration, a dreamy exhale emoting joy, peace and life with a undercurrent of unapologetic authenticity. 

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